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This year’s “spokespups” …

These little guys hope you’ll fill their food bowls and raise some money for six deserving groups … and win a prize for YOU.

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The new “TruckVault Cares … for conservation, canines & kids” initiative is now live. Vote, tell your friends to vote, and vote again here.

This year, I’m giving away prizes every 5,000th vote, so get ready to win any day of the week, all the way through the end of the year. Everything from a TruckVault to my Real Bird Bumper and even a hunting trip with us to South Dakota are on the list, so spread the word, and vote every day.

Every vote puts a piece of the $10,000 funding pie in one group’s treasury. Go here, pick your group, and vote.

Everyone wins on this one! Watch the public service announcement below, then vote here!

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… about conservation, canines & kids, that is. “Like” this Facebook page, learn more, and get ready to raise funds for six great groups.

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I couldn’t say it better than Humberto Fontova does in his piece here.

Buy more ammo, go fishing, kill something and eat it. You’ll be doing more good for the planet than all the granola crunchers combined.

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Sorry if my politics are showing, but we need to stand up for our rights and remind all the Johnny-come-lately-types who really pays the conservation bills …

Learn more here.

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