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Available in walnut and maple

So, working with the guys at Columbia Overland on the new Wingshooting USA vehicle, I spied in the showroom some stunning chairs. Resembling in all respects something from a Kipling novel, Hemingway safari or the command tent of a British colonial officer these chairs immediately captured my attention.

Turns out they are built by Bend, Oregon company Campaign Furniture. Owner Andy Glanz is a well-schooled artisan woodworker and designer, studying with, among others, George Nakashima (whose flowing lines and use of natural contours has made him a legend in furniture design). As an avid off-roader/overlander, Andy saw both practical and aesthetic reasons for people like us to retain a connection to our shared history – after all, what were safaris but off-roading in Africa? Read the full story here.

I had to have some. So, now I do. Thanks Andy.

The chairs got rave reviews at the recent Gun Dog Expo where I spoke, and you’ll soon see them in other venues so watch carefully!

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What you'll see if I'm driving right at ya.

Check out the preliminary construction drawings on the first-ever bumper/winch rig for a 2011 Dodge Ram pickup … designed via CAD-CAM by our newest partner, Expedition One.

These guys know dirt, ruts, and off-roading. For a bird hunter who loves getting off pavement, there is no better supplier of gear, so naturally when our truck build “general contractor” Columbia Overland needed a bumper for the Wingshooting USA rig, they went to Expedition One.

Get down in front of your truck. Look at your own bumper, how it’s mounted to the frame, and what’s expected of a real bumper … from bumps, to load-bearing, to functionality on the road. Imagine the design factors in building a brand-new one, and you can then appreciate the engineering expertise of Expedition One.

Your view as we streak by enroute to the chukar hills, or the nearest tavern.

Looking toward a September installation, just in time for prairie grouse in Montana and South Dakota! Watch for the Expedition One bumper, equipped with Warn winch and off-road lighting package next season on Wingshooting USA.

And then, check out my exclusive interview with Gun Dog columnist Dave Carty!

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A visit to my friends at Columbia Overland paid off with a bunch of goodies er, important offroad tools, to fit out the rig. And just in time for the Gun Dog Expo this weekend in Albany, Oregon! Stop by and visit, meet Buddy, play the Real Bird Bumper BRAWL and win a prize. Oh yeah, I’ll be doing my Bird Hunting Boot Camp too, so bring a pencil and your sense of humor.

A better reason to attend: My good friend Dez Young and his Llewellin Setter Dash will be speaking too! (Actually, Dez will do most of the talking.) See you at the Linn County Fairgrounds starting Friday.

Now, take a look at the newest gear:

Real, battle-tested NATO jerry cans on the Baja Rack ... by the way, finding a nozzle for these suckers is tough - go onlline.

Ready for anything, with shovel & ax, as Shane preps the Foxwing mounts.

Foxwing, fully deployed and ready for bird season!

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So many creative suggestions. Kyboshed by the State of Oregon and their archaic rules for what can, and can’t, go on a license plate. Up until recently “Vino” was prohibited by the plate Nazis, who reasoned it would encourage excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages!

Be that as it may, thank you for your clever (some) fun (most) and silly (many)  ideas to grace the bumpers of the new Wingshooting USA rig. After numerous ring-kissing episodes with the bureaucrats at the department of transportation, I got one approved. And like most of my personal plates, it might require a bit of out-of-the-box thinking (or pronouncing). I love it when I look in the rear-view mirror and see someone mouthing a variation on my license plate!

You know it. You use it (the phrase). You live it.

Props to Columbia Overland (www.columbiaoverland.com) for overseeing the truck build!

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My friends at Columbia Overland are hard at work, procuring great gear to outfit the new Wingshooting USA rig. One of their first recommendations? A cargo rack to supplement the capacious Gem Top canopy. After all, with two dogs, a TruckVault and assorted other gear inside, going outside and up makes a lot of sense.

So, who else but Baja Rack to provide the ultimate up-top cargo carrier? Tested and engineered for that legendary race, the Baja 1000, these guys know their stuff. Their “MegaMule” fits perfectly, and if I’d had an SUV instead would have mounted easily on the existing roof rails. Can’t wait to load it up!

Muy bueno, compadres. Gracias.

[PS: If you’re near Albany, Oregon next weekend, come to the Gun Dog Expo and say hello!]

Aluminum wind deflector.

Ax & shovel rack awaiting more stuff!

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