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All I want for Christmas is my two front canines. Or is it?

All I want for Christmas is my two front canines. Or is it?

Dogs are incredible, talented, mystifying animals. They dazzle us in the field, amuse us with their antics at home, and remind us what loyalty and honor really are.

But they can’t write their own Christmas list, so we have to help them. What does your dog want from you, from the world, from his packmates? How would he tell you – what words would he use to share his innermost wants and wishes?

Yes, a new chew toy and basket of dead birds would probably be high on his list. But what about something deeper, more abstract? Does he want what we want (peace on earth, goodwill to all dogs)? Are some of his priorities on a different plane?

I look at my guys, currently dozing, and wonder what runs through their doggy minds. They see a brightly-lit tree, gaudily-wrapped gifts, and know something’s different. But do they understand our motivation? The origins of the Christmas story? Our joy at sharing time with friends and family?

If he had an opposable thumb, what would your dog write on his Christmas list?

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