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(Scott’s German wirehair Buddy commandeered the keyboard during his absence. Here is his latest blog post.)

Me so, so, tired. Pup always pushing, pestering mouth on my neck hurt.

He stocky now; strong. Foots like cow chips (smell like them too). Every day Pup run to me, mouth my butt, neck, leg,

The author, pre-puppy

ear. Ow! Mommy wants me on bed, Pup goes. Pushes me from Mommy to end of bed. Still warm and soft but want lean Mommy. When go for birrrds, I pee, Pup pees – leg up now – same place.

The Boss says just growing up. Be patient. When I’m patient, Dr. Lanny in white coat look at me on high table! (Is joke, okay?)

Only 49 human years old! Many more seasons before “senior” I am. But Pup act like big dog,  test me.

The Boss at birrrd party – “Pheasant Phest.” Pup here. Miss Boss, miss birrrds.

What do?

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