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Hope this finds you well and getting ready for the up coming season. I am looking forward to your shows as always, I find them very informative as well as entertaining. I have a question, why is it that you never wear any hunter orange, when in every other upland bird hunting show I have seen, the wearing of hunter orange is recommended and in some cases required for safety? I look forward to your reply.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the reminder of blaze’s importance…¬† and the compliment. I got the message and you’ll see plenty more this season, believe me. I always wear the legally-required amount when mandated, but don’t make a big deal of it. I will go beyond that

Even Buddy will be sporting more orange this fall on the show!

in the new episodes starting this fall, hopefully serving as a better example to viewers, especially young ones.

We try to strike a balance on the show, with high definition cameras orange is difficult to work with – technically and visually. Your eyes are actually distracted by it. Editors hate it. We have to meet very strict technical standards to be on NBC Sports/Versus, including a bunch of color balance/frequency issues that other shows don’t really care much about. Orange wreaks havoc with them!

But we are working it out – thanks to great editors like Tad Newberry, that is.


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Safer, and legaler, but how necessary in some circumstances?

Thanks, and alright already! Seen and noted – your emphatic insistence that I wear more blaze orange on the TV show. For the record, the first season had virtually none. This¬† second season, more. And believe me, the stuff we shot this fall will reek with the color despite my director Tad Newberry’s tantrums.

Why I wear more now: Trying to be a good example. It’s required in some states, some times and I need to “stay legal.” I DO sometimes worry about my safety – and my dog’s, especially in a crowd.

Why I didn’t: Wreaks havoc with high definition cameras. I plumb forgot. Clashes with my Gucci loafers.

Which begs these questions:

1. When you’re hunting alone, or with a small group of trusted friends, and are really, really careful and have confidence in your fellow hunters … is blaze orange really necessary?

2. How much is enough? Some states require a minimum number of square inches. Oregon just made a cap and “upper garment,” I believe, required for kids under age 18.

What say you?

PS: if you’re really, really concerned about safety – your dog’s or your own – get a couple Blaze Buddy Bandannas here, and benefit the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, too.

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