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Okay, time to recap the bird season, particularly what you wish you’d hauled with you and didn’t.

Remember the “Ultimate Upland Checklist?” Dozens of you helped flesh it out before this season launched, and hundreds of you downloaded what I’m hoping was a useful tool that ensured you didn’t get stuck, lost, stranded, frozen, hurt, starved or (horrors) forgot your dog! Now that the season is winding down and you’ve had some long, boring drives to contemplate your bad shooting and worse memory, it’s time to improve the current version, 1.1.

Did you regret not bringing that knife sharpener? That neck gaiter sure came in handy in Utah. What would your dog wish you’d brought for him?

What did you leave home, totally space, veg out on, lose in the flashback,  or simply wish you’d taken bird hunting … that is not YET on the “Checklist?” I’ll give a Blaze Buddy Bandanna to every person who offers a (legitimate – my opinion rules) addition/improvement. And out of all the great ideas (again, my opinion), I’ll choose one at random to receive a pair of Irish Setter boots and jacket.

Take a look at the current list here, then leave your suggestion/addition in the comments section, below.

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