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Awaiting their turn

Awaiting their turn

You know what it’s like: We were killing time between bird planting chores at a recent hunt test when Silke (a transplanted German) wondered aloud what else she could hunt with her versatile dog when birds were unavailable or seasons closed.

There began a long discussion on the European hunting ethic, furred game, blood tracking, etc., etc., etc., which I heartily contributed to, as did my fellow volunteers.

After a long and enjoyable romp through history, politics  and dog breeding philosophies, we came full circle: most of the “other things” we would do with our dogs also take place during bird season … and why would anyone want to subtract a single day  from that glorious time?

Maybe I’d gotten more sleep than my fellow gloved crusaders, or inhaled less chukar scent while sitting on the tailgate. Whatever the impetus, “we do this,” I blurted. Referring of course, to the hunt tests, field trials, bird dog challenges and related events we train for, help at, and participate in during the off season. And if you play these dog “games,” you know what I mean, right? (more…)

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