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Destination: Big K Guest Ranch, on the Umpqua River in Southwest Oregon. Objective: shoot the “wraparounds” for this fall’s shows. Those are the little bits where I stand up and talk for a minute before each segment of the program.  (Get ready for some twists, extra helpings of fun, and more prizes.)

Then, we were going to shoot the “Buddy & Me” segments. Operative word: were. Because after one day the heavens opened and we were washed out, figuratively. Will Spring ever get here? Rain, snow last week, more gloom than any two years … yuk!

But Big K is such a great spot, we’ll be back when the weather is better and finish the job. Thanks Kathy and crew. Here’s why we’ll be back:

Tad sets up a shot along the Umpqua - Big K has 3-1/2 miles of frontage and it's just about salmon season!

There were so many, they kept stealing my scenes.

Ho-hum, another poopy day in paradise at Big K.; the view from my cabin, pre-downpour.

The guys, ready for their close-up, but then the clouds came.

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