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Now, to pick the winners of all those great prizes! Meanwhile, celebrate the groups that will soon be receiving checks thanks to the sponsors, especially TruckVault. And thank you, if you voted.

Soon, you’ll be able to pick the puppies who will represent our beneficiary groups for the second-annual TruckVault Cares initiative, so stay tuned. Here’s a summary of the votes, and the dollars that will soon be headed to our partners:

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At 11:42 p.m. on March 31, Dani Duniho cast the final vote in the Wingshooting USA TV “TruckVault Cares … for conservation, canines & kids” initiative. For her vote supporting the AKC-Canine Health Foundation, she will receive a merchandise prize package from lead sponsor TruckVault. Dozens more will receive prizes in the next few weeks as randomly-selected voters are contacted.

Thanks everyone. Stand by for news about our second-annual effort.

“I am often the last of something here or there, but I think this is the first time I have earned a reward for that status,” Duniho added in her thank-you note.

Created by Wingshooting USA executive producer-host Scott Linden, “TruckVault Cares” raises funds and awareness for six different groups. Voters are eligible for prizes ranging from a TruckVault secure vehicle storage system, Fausti shotgun, Tri-Tronics electronic dog training collars, Linden’s own Real Bird Bumper, Kent Cartridge ammunition and Filson apparel.

The conclusion of the voting signals distribution of the $10,000 funding pool, to be parceled out proportionally by vote totals to all beneficiary groups. The leading vote-getter was the AKC-Canine Health Foundation with 36,576 votes, with other groups and their votes listed below:

Scholastic Clay Target Program, 15,087; International Hunter Education Association, 8,012; Ruffed Grouse Society, 7,898; Gun Dog Rescue Clubs, 4,851; and North American Grouse Partnership, 2,464.

Besides sharing in the funds raised, Linden says all groups benefitted from heightened public awareness of their work, with each group seeing over 50 million gross media impressions over the course of the initiative, which began in August, 2011. Together, the groups claim over a million member-supporters.

Wingshooting USA is the official TV series of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. It airs on Pursuit Channel and four other television networks, year-round.

How it all finally played out ...

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The sun broke through this morning, bringing smiles to everyone. Sure, it got warm as the day progressed, but a breeze stirred the sage and the chukars seemed to cooperate. Here is Day Two of the hunt test.

If you’re intimidated, don’t be. Simply go, introduce yourself and stake out your dog. The experience will be good for both of you. Eventually, you’ll be hooked.

Kudos to all who organized this test, and the many others out there that help us make better dogs. Thanks.

13-week-old Athena meets 13-month-old Manny. We are already negotiating a dowry.

We wanna play too!

Nice honor on a squirrely chukar that liked to run instead of fly!

Another good showing for Blitz and John ... three or four finds, retrieves, and a back.

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I was just gunning, and not very well at that, but I had my camera and could fit in a couple shots between shots, so to speak. Here’s a photographic account:

May as well get it over with ... my shooting made me feel like the south end of a horse headed north.

Two Master Hunters in the field ... Old Blitz (wire in background) did well and at 11 years (77 dog years), that's really something!

Hunt HQ ... cover much needed as it rained early in the day - boy, do I miss my van with pop top and awning ... but not for long!

Probably the only French Spaniel you'll ever see. (They point.) Got a leg on her JH title today. Congratulations Joel.

Mother, daughters, son ... a family affair

After all, it was put on by the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America ...

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As the song goes, what a long (but not strange) trip it’s been. Your suggestions, “wish lists,” ideas and comments have helped make this TV series educational, motivational, and (I hope) entertaining. Editor/director Tad Newberry deserves much of the credit for polishing the raw material and making it “sing.” I hope you agree in each episode, he’s taken a day’s hunt and accurately condensed it to a few minutes … no easy task. He has really distilled a day in the field down to its essence.

See for yourself:

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